Oh ... Em ... Gee !

This weekend’s celebrations at iPad Dev Camp took a fantastic turn today, when AQGridView took home the prize for Best Developer Tool. I’d been sitting quietly at the back, hoping that it might merit me enough blue tickets to get a prize later on, and was in absolute shock when they announced my project’s name as the winner of the first award. There was a very surprising amount of applause as I walked up to receive my prize: a 32GB iPad and a VGA adaptor for it.

Shortly after I had the opportunity to fetch a prize for my blue ticket collection (I had six, and was expecting the top prize to go to someone with about thirty or so), and picked up the Griffin iPad case you see on the side there.

In an interesting twist, everyone who worked on their project in the Round Table room upstairs also won top prize in their category: Tank Or Die, iUIPad, Magic Window, and Netflix Actors. If there’s another such event at PayPal’s offices, that is plainly the place to be.

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the popularity of AQGridView this weekend, and to the Netflix Actors team who put it to excellent use. Here’s to next year!

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