A TextMate Bundle for Go

I’ve been meaning to have a look at Go for a couple days now, but only just got round to it. I’ve had a bunch of Ruby code to write, y’know?

I downloaded it this morning and looked around teh intarwebs and what do you know, though it comes with an Xcode plugin (written against a private API, no less) there’s no sign of a TextMate bundle.

Shock! Horror!

So startled was I that the normally swift programmer geek population had not already scrambled to complete said task, I forgot to drink coffee all day.


(I know, right?)

Needless to say, there’s an itch here to be scratched, and they don’t call me Scratchy McScratching-Person for nothing [or indeed at all: ed], so I got to work. Dusting off an old box of regular expressions I’d been saving for a rainy day, I combined them, carefully, tenderly, in those fearsome delineations that might summon forth that dread item that so haunts my waking hours (although maybe that was just the lack of coffee).

Behold ye then: fresh from coddling at my fatherly breast, I give you the unspeakable fruit of my labours. Use it. Cherish it. Expand upon it. But don’t feed it cheese before bedtime, it gets the wind something terrible.

Update: Tweaked the github URLs to point at the new version of the project (details here).

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