AQGridView 1.1 Update

All the juicy details:

  • Fixed an issue where left & right paddings weren’t preserved through data set changes.
  • Fixed layout issues for grid bounds changes while looking at bottom of grid view.
  • Fixed issue where old cells might be left in pre-animation positions instead of being removed from the grid view.
  • Fixed an issue where Insert could cause the last item to briefly jump to its new location before being animated there from its old location.
  • Selection and highlighting are now much more consistent.
  • Added support for -touchesMoved: being less sensitive if a gesture recognizer is attached to the grid view and might potentially match the touch.
  • Special orientation change handling is no longer necessary– commented out that code for now.
  • Highlighting cells now better handles multiple stage highlight/select to avoid keeping text highlighted when the deselected.
  • Cell deselection animation for non-glow now properly matches that of UITableViewCell.
  • Now raises an exception in -endUpdates if the calculated new item count doesn’t match the corresponding value from the data source (just like UITableView).

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